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2014 Videos are up and we have some 2014 Pictures 

The show is finished.
Next show is in October.  Dates forthcoming.

If you can't tell, we really enjoy Christmas, especially
decorating outside.  This will be our 9th year synchronizing
the Christmas lights to 'dance' to Christmas songs and our 6th
for the Halloween light show.

I'd first like to thank my wife for tolerating this hobby.
I spend countless hours programming the music and then a solid
two weeks putting everything up followed by 1 month of
keeping it running and then a few days to take it all down. 
Thanks honey!!! 

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We're located at 607 Calamar Ct (zip 63368)
in St. Charles county (Missouri) surrounded
by the cities of O'Fallon, Dardenne Prairie and Lake St. Louis. 
We're off Highway N right across from the Wehrenberg theater. 
Use the map directions below so your GPS doesn't get you lost.


A donation box is setup next to our sign.  All donations will
be given to the Hope Ministries Food Pantry.  I also put
a donation button in the upper left corner.  Online donations
will be donated to the food pantry as well.
2014 Donations

Online Donation Box
$15.00 $6268.64

The 2014 light count is 63732 (Light count has gone down again
the number of LEDs have gone up and the use of RGB) utilizing 
256 LOR channels and 165 DMX channels for the light show. 
More facts here

Be sure to tune your radio to 107.1 FM to hear the music.

We'd like to thank the people who left or sent us your
letters of appreciation.  Your kind words certainly make it
worth the time and effort to put up the display.  You can now
click the guestbook link to leave your comments.

   We hope you have a chance to come by when the lights are on.

I'd also like to welcome my first corporate sponsor - Rubberific.
They are headquartered right here in St. Louis and have processing
plants around the country.  If you're tired of replacing or topping off
your wood mulch every year give Rubberific a try.  That's what I use now.

Everyone always worries about the electrical costs, but believe me it
isn't bad.  My electric for December is about $60 more than November.
Click here to see a picture of my bills from 2010 and 2011
Blinking lights does save money.
Here's a short video of the electrical meter from 2009
with all 74295 lights turned on.  It really gets spinning, but
all the lights are never on at the same time for more than a few seconds.


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