Like most who go to the extreme in decorating, I started out small, like normal people.  I remember my parents would decorate a pine tree in the front yard with C9's and put up a nativity scene.  The nativity scene still goes out each year.  It wasn't until I got married and bought a house that I started doing my own decorations.  With our first house I would put some lights on the gutter, maybe a bush or two and around the windows.  I'd add a small amount of lights each coming year.  At this point I was probably topping out at 2000 lights. 

This lasted several years until we moved into our current house.  I started out relatively small, just doing the roof lines with your standard icicle lights.  The years following I would add more lights until I eventually topped out around 70000. 

It wasn't until Christmas 2005 when a friend mailed me the video of Carson Williams famous Wizards Of Winter synchronized light show that I got hooked.  I made it my goal to synchronize my lights for the 2006 season.  After some research I decided on the hardware and software (new hardware/software) I was going to use and spent the next 8 months programming various songs that I liked and had a good beat.

Each year I try to add a little more to the display.  See the What's New page for my current plans.

Why go to one of those parks, pay your $10 (wow, that's so 2006, now it's $25-$50 a car), just to see a million lights that were thrown in the trees.  Anyone can throw lights in the trees.  Those places need to upgrade and give you a light show worth seeing.  Until that time you can come see my lights and others like them for free.

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