• This years lights will be synchronized to flash, fade, shimmer and twinkle to Christmas songs.
    I chose 10 Christmas songs that I liked, my wife liked and my kids liked.  The music will be played over a low power FM transmitter so you can listen to it through your car radio. 



  • 6 controllers with 16 channels each, upgraded to handle 40 amps.  Total of 96 channels

  • 6 weatherproof boxes to mount the controllers.  Modified to fit the controllers

  • 10 20 amp circuit breakers

  • 10 permanent and temporary 20 amp GFCI outlets

  • 500 feet of Cat5 cable to communicate between the controllers

  • Lots and lots of custom made extension cords for each channel (2000+ feet in total)

  • FM Transmitter

  • Tune in sign



  • Removed green mini lights from the porch columns

  • Added green mini garland to the porch columns

  • Tripled the lights on the trees in the front yard to have red, white or blue on the branches
    and trunk

  • Replaced 500 blue C9's

  • Add 2 more presents for under the stick trees

  • All blowmolds (except nativity scene) removed from the display


All donations benefit
Hope Ministries Food Pantry














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