• Single strands of all blue icicles for all roof lines

  • Adding another strand of blue/white "twin-cicles"

  • Adding red C9's to all roof lines, windows and doors

  • Adding yard arches to the perimeter of the yard

  • Adding strobe lights for intense musical passages

  • Removing deer from the show

  • Removing lights from the mailbox

  • Removing yard C9's (snowplow took out quite a bit last year)



  • With all the new lights on the roof lines I'm worried about all the weight on the shingles. 
    Therefore I plan on building light channels to hold the lights on the overhangs and ridge lines. 
    This should also make putting up the lights just a little easier.

  • Adding C9's to the windows and doors requires new frames to be built. 
    The old ones were starting to breakdown.

  • Yard arches were cut to length depending on how far apart each end was.  It was amazing
    how much taller an arch would be if it was a few inches shorter or longer.  The arches
    were made out of normal 1/2 PVC, painted green, covered in 400 lights (200 blue, 200 clear).
    They are held in place by 2 feet of rebar hammered into the ground at a 65 degree angle.
    I decided not to put arches in front of the house as they would block the porch spindle
    lights.  But even with that I still had 26 arches to build.



  • Resequence the original 10 songs to work with 128 channels and new light colors.

  • 5 6 new songs will be added to this years show.

    • - Wish Liszt (Toyshop Madness) - Trans-Siberian Orchestra (done)

    • - Carol Of The Bells - Trans-Siberian Orchestra (done)

    • - Faith Noel - Trans-Siberian Orchestra (done)

    • - Hallelujah - Mannheim Steamroller (done)

    • - Frosty The Snowman - Burl Ives (done)

    • - Siberian Sleigh Ride - Trans-Siberian Orchestra (done)



  • 2 new controllers were added to the show giving control to 128 individual channels.

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