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  • I bought another 20000 lights or so for this year.

  • I plan on rebuilding all the porch spindle frames using 4 colors (Blue, Red, Green, Clear).

  • Blue C9's will probably be replaced again.

  • Adding another color to the front trees (Green).



  • New Spindle Frames using coro-plast.

  • The front trees don't like the extra weight of the lights and the ice storm this year
    with the lights didn't help.  To alleviate this problem I will probably build my own
    cone shaped trees.


  • Resequence 16 songs to work with new channels and new light colors.

  • As I've resequenced some songs I've noticed that some of my earlier work seemed to
    be lacking or some of the songs I sequenced had lengthy repetitive (boring) sections.
    I will be overhauling these songs.  Instead of taking a few hours to resequence it's
    taking me a few days to overhaul the song.  Songs to be changed include

    • Siberian Sleigh Ride - This had some lengthy repetitive spots.  I've shorted the song
      quite a bit and and have resequenced the song.

    • Deck The Halls - This was my first song I ever sequenced (and it shows).  I plan on
      rewriting the sequence for about 75% of the song. 
      I ended up rewriting the entire thing.

    • Wizards In Winter - I was lucky enough to find the original sequencing for this song
      and had made some small changes to it.  The original sequencer has a different style
      than me and I will be rewriting 100% of the song, but keeping the same feeling. 
      It will be sequenced to have much tighter tolerances.   The original could be off
      as much as 1/10 of a second.  I'll be off no more than 3/100 of a second.  As others
      have noticed, the song had a small skip in it and there were some sound artifacts
      towards the end.  I was able to rip a new copy of the song from my CD and fixed
      all the problems with the music.

  • As it turns out I resequenced all the songs, some more than others, but when I reviewed
    them one last time I noticed even more places for improvement.  All the songs from 2006
    and 2007 have been changed.  Most are just lighting changes, but some have had their
    music adjusted also.

  • My goal is add four new songs to the show this year.  I'll try to get to the other two
    TSO songs if I have time.

    • Barbara Streisand - Jingle Bells (100% complete)

    • Trans-Siberian Orchestra - A Mad Russian's Christmas (100% complete)

    • Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Carol of the Bells (100% complete)

    • Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Reflections of Earth (100% complete)

    • Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Appalachian Snowfall (100% complete)

    • I was finally convinced to sequence Seymour Swine and Squealers
      version of Blue Christmas.  It's a rendition ala Porky Pig.  We'll see how
      the audience likes it. (100% complete)

    • Trans-Siberian Orchestra - First Snow (???)

    • Bruce Broughton - Overture (2009)

    • David Foster - Carol of the Bells (Probably not)


  • I have to layout the new lights and determine if I will need more controllers.

  • Fortunately, one of the contests I won last year the prize was a new controller and enclosure.
    I've outlined all the new lights and colors and it looks like the 9 controllers I have will do nicely.
    There will be a total of 144 channels this year.

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