• I still have lights left over from the 2007 purchase, but I picked up more C9's, a full
    replacement of all the icicle lights and a few minis.

  • Bought 4 more 6 foot stick trees.  I'll remove the blue tree and the two smaller
    trees from the display.  This will give 7 of the same sized trees.

  • I really don't like my Merry Christmas sign above the garage door because it's not
    very readable.  I'll see about making my own sign using left over coroplast.

  • Plan on adding a new C9 color (white/clear) to the house. 
    This will give me 3 colors for the entire house.

  • Plan on adding two new C9 colors (white/clear and green) to the window and door frames. 
    This will space out the lights a little farther than I like so I plan on rebuilding all these
    frames again, but not till the 2010 season.

  • The most exciting feature added this year will be the interactive display.
    This will take place in the yard adjacent to mine (thanks Jeff and Andrea for the use
    of your yard).  Those watching the show can come to the yard and press a variety of
    buttons all of which will do some sort of animation.



  • Interactive display module.


  • Resequence 22 songs to work with new channels and new light colors.

  • Yule - Amazing Grace

  • Mannheim Steamroller - Joy To The World

  • DJ Schewde - Music Box Dancer

  • Mannheim Steamroller - Celebration

  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Nutrocker


  • I will move the controller from the backyard to the front yard and make the display
    in the back a static display.

  • Three new controllers, bringing the total channel count to 192

All donations benefit
Hope Ministries Food Pantry














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