• Total replacement of all clear icicles with new LED white icicles.
  • Replacing all the stick trees on the right side with double corkscrew helix RGB trees.
  • Replacing all the red C9s with LED red C9s.
  • Replacing all the green C9s with LED green C9s.


  • Double corkscrew helix RGB Trees.
  • Never finished this last year, hoping to get it done this year.
    The real Christmas tree in the backyard has grown too tall to decorate nicely, therefore I will replace that element with a 16 foot PVC tree further up in the yard.  The new LEDs will be evenly spaced to spiral up the structure spaced 2 inches apart.


  • August Burns Red

    • Flurries (100%)

    • Sleigh Ride (100%)

    • O Holy Night (100%)

    • Sleddin' Hill - 2014

    • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (100%)


  • Resequencing all the songs to use the new RGB helix trees - 100%

  • Rewriting Wizards in Winter to use color shifting - 100%


  • E1.31 DMX Bridge controller for the porch posts and the new spiral trees.


All donations benefit
Hope Ministries Food Pantry














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