• Doubling the number of C6 LED's on the front trees

  • Increasing the number of clear incandescents on the front trees, needed for new construction.

  • Replacing all the lights on the rainbow tree in the backyard with new C6 LED's

  • Even more snowflakes for the roof

  • Removing blue incandescent lighting from the neighbors house.  Will be replacing with LED's for the bushes.


  • Adding spiraling of the colored LED's on the front trees.
  • The real Christmas tree in the backyard has grown too tall to decorate nicely, therefore I will replace that element with a 16 foot PVC tree further up in the yard.  The new LEDs will be evenly spaced to spiral up the structure spaced 2 inches apart.


  • Bruce Broughton - Overture (100%)
    Spiraling - Do You Hear What I Hear (100%)
    Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Dreams of Fireflies (100%)

  • Open to new suggestions as I'm running out of good up beat songs.


  • Need to resequence a fair number of songs to use the new spiraling feature on the two trees in the front yard.  Should be fun to look at. (100%)


  • 3 new controllers will be needed to run the spiraling on the front trees.  (Built and tested)


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