• Replace the blue incandescents in the porch spindles with blue LED minis (Done)

  • Remove the blue minis from front trees and add more blue C6 LEDs

  • Remove the green minis from front trees and replace with green C6 LEDs

  • Add red C6 LEDs to the front trees

  • Add red LED icicle lights to the whole house. 

  • Remove blue incandescents icicles from the whole house.  This will have an impact on the
    total number of lights, but our goal is not to be the house with the most lights (quality over quantity).

  • Move blue LED snowflakes from the roof and add them to the second story windows
    and add 2 more new blue LED snowflakes

  • Add 6 more 42" snowflakes to the second story roof and garage roof


  • Look into building snubbers for all the LED strings.  Parts have been ordered.
    We'll build some and test how they work compared to non-snubbed LEDs. (Done)


  • Resequence 26 songs to work with the new channels and light colors (100% done)

  • Always looking for suggestions on new songs, I'm running out of ideas.
    For sure new songs
    Roasted Turkey - We Wish You a Merry Christmas (done)
    Cinnamon - Silent Night (done)
    Kevin and the Octaves - Ode to Joy (done)
    Dueling Jingle Bells (Permission granted from the neighbors) (done)

  • Grinch (done)

    Bruce Broughton - Overture
    Bruce Springsteen - Santa Claus is Coming to Town


  • 2 new controllers to run the additional red icicles, blue snowflakes and, of course, the neighbors

All donations benefit
Hope Ministries Food Pantry














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