what is new 2019






  • Replaced the pixel strip trees in the front (missing for 2018) with all new pixel bulb trees (2400 pixels each)
  • Replaced the dumb pixel trees on the side of the driveway with all new pixel bulb trees (600 pixels each)
  • Replaced all the arches with taller, permanently bent arches with 100 pixel bulbs each (22 arches)
  • New pixel presents.  4 medium, 4 small
  • Added 2 more snowflakes to the roof on each side of the middle peak
  • The candles used in the Halloween display stay for Christmas as well


  • To celebrate the Blues Stanley Cup win I created a custom St. Louis Blues mix with Bleed Blue (Brookroyal), Stanley Cup Final playoff highlights and ends with a smattering of Gloria (Laura Branigan)

  • A parody of Wizards of Winter called Hey, Come Look At My House.


  • Added another F48 with plenty of Smart Receivers

  • A second FM transmitter (with a 3rd on standby, just in case I lose signal again)

  • Yep, even more Meanwell supplies (over 40 are used in the display with plenty on standby)

All donations benefit
Hope Ministries Food Pantry















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